Sell with Lisa

If you are considering listing your home for sale, Lisa Cheponis should be at the top of your list.

Lisa has won numerous prestigious awards and broken sales records in selling real estate. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and named as among the top agents in the nation.  Her clients are all happy. She knows how to stage like a pro. She is a Certified Negotiation Expert-- a designation earned by fewer than 1% of agents in the nation.   

She first honed her sales skills on listings when she worked for a top developer (at the time named "America's Best Builder"), when she rose to the top of their entire sales force, nationally.  Month over month, consistently, Lisa would outsell all of the other real estate sales people. She often outsold the other real estate agents multi-fold.  She set closing ratio records for on-site real estate sales, in the entire industry.  

In short, when presented with the opportunity to sell every single listing in an entire community, and when competing every single day against a multitude of other top real estate professionals all hand-selected to sell those very listings, Lisa always did the best. She outsold everyone. Every month. Every time. 

Isn't that the agent you'd want selling your home?  The one who knows how to sell better and faster than all the others? 

Call Lisa and find a time to discuss her exemplary sales skills and her dedication to each client for whom she works.  Tell her what is important to you, and ask how she can help you achieve your goals. 

Remember always--  Lisa sells real estaste for one key reason: to help you get what matters most to you.