Finance with the Best

Mortgage 101

Lisa works with hand-picked lenders who are service-oriented, discrete, and knowledgeable.  Contact Lisa directly via cell phone, text message, or email to discuss your goals, and she will connect you with several lenders from whom to choose.

Lisa believes in connecting every buyer with a top-notch lender as early as possible in the buying process. (Even buyers who believe they want to be cash buyers may wish to at least consult with a lender, especially when interest rates are low.)  

Lisa and her lenders know how to prepare buyers to make the strongest possible offers, putting them at an advantage in competitve situations and in all negotiations.  (Sellers are of course highly motivated to work with the strongest buyers.) 

Even the most seasoned buyers can benefit from a conversation with a great lender.  After all, lending practices and available programs can change, so even one conversation with a knowledgeable lender might present new, appealing options to any buyer. 

Always remember, Lisa's goal is to help you get what matters most to you.  Connecting with the right lender at the right time can be vitally important.